Ep 102: Share Your Stuff. I'll Go First.


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My first book Share Your Stuff. I'll Go First. launches into the world this week!

This book was born out of this podcast. So if you enjoy this show, you will LOVE the book version.

I think it will spark deeper connections in your conversations and meaningful introspection within yourself.

But as much as I talk about SHARING on this show....I'm ready to talk a little bit about the STUFF part of "Share Your Stuff."

Because we all have baggage. Pain. Traumas. Triumphs.

And on this episode, I'm dipping into a few very vulnerable things that have happened to me over the last ten years that led me to a place to write this book. Times when I've been knocked down for my sharing. When I questioned myself because someone told me to be smaller.

This isn't something I've ever talked about online, but I think it is time to share it now. During launch week.

I'm going first.


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