Ep 104: Old Friends/New Friends


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This supersized episode is actually two conversations:

  • the first with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Kimi Dallman, a bridesmaid in my wedding and childhood friend from summer camp


  • the second with a new-er mom friend, Tracy Herriott, a friend I've traveled with more in the last four years than anyone else in adulthood besides my husband.

Old friends and new friends have different benefits and fill really different spaces in our lives. I wanted to have these conversations with two women who mean a lot to me, and encourage YOU to reach out to the old friends who have been there through every season, and to feel gratitude for the new friends in your life who only know the most current version of yourself.

Kimi Dallman founded Switch

Matt Dallman's BBQ is called Live Coals

Tracy Herriott posts amazing photos on IG



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