Ep 98: How To Start a Book Club


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This episode is for anyone who wants to start a book club!

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People love the idea of being in a book club, but I think most of us would rather join an already formed group, with procedures in place and a warm and fuzzy vibe already established. But if that isn’t readily available to you, guess what the next best thing is? Start one yourself!


It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. You don’t have to have a lot of people (really!) and you don’t have to have a perfectly articulated theme or objective. What you want to do is read, and then talk about what you read with someone else. It really is that simple.

But beyond that, it’s nice to have some basics:

  1. Identify your WHY

  2. Choose members wisely

  3. Decide on some logistics (like how to choose a book, who leads the discussion)

  4. Set expectations early

  5. Have your first meeting

  6. Adjust as necessary

Sure, there are some details that can be fun or tedious: choosing a schedule, consistent communication), but start with the fundamentals, keep it as simple as possible, and figure out what REALLY works for your group.



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