Andi Rozier


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With decades of experience leading worship and writing and releasing music with Vertical Worship, Andi Rozier currently serves as the director of 24/7 Prayer and Worship Pastor at New Life Church’s East congregation in Colorado Springs, CO. In this episode, Aaron sits down for a conversation with Andi about wisdom on navigating ministry/difficult transitions, and what it means to water the pasture in front of you and why home is the real prize.

10,000 Fathers & Mothers (10KFAM) exists to raise and release spiritual mothers and fathers who creatively shape the future of the church. We nurture worship leaders who lead songs into worship pastors who lead people. It’s good to have teachers – to get information – but who is building and transforming you? Who is investing in you and walking with you? At 10KFAM, we have the pleasure of leading two distinct communities of worship leaders through Worship School and Mere Worship. We are also uniquely positioned to offer Strategic Support to churches and ministries in their worship contexts.

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