100T Eliminated, 2020 Confirmed Worst Year Ever - 100 Thieves 2020 LCS Summer Split Recap


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It’s official: 2020 is the worst year ever. 100T is bounced in embarrassing fashion from LCS playoffs courtesy of banger-tweet-slinging Evil Geniuses (#LIVEEVIL). 100Kids are left feeling underwhelmed by this year’s results and scrambling for answers to some obvious problems. We’re still rebuilding and it’s still going to be rough. Jordan and Cole come together to talk about toxicity in the NA scene, reasonable expectations for player development, teams “solving” our squad, and the difficulty of rearranging the pieces (or throwing some away in favor of new ones) to position us for 2021. It’s a tough time to be a fan.

Listen here.

TIMESTAMPS:0:00:00 - Intro0:02:02 - Toxicity, memeing, and MarkZ - making sense of an extremely toxic reaction0:13:39 - Criticizing without flaming - taking a reasonable look at performances and fairly criticizing our weaknesses0:17:16 - 100T vs EG - How to beat a team with two bans. Committing to a style and losing by it.0:29:01 - What do you do when your one viable strategy isn’t enough to take a match off the 6 seed?0:37:55 - Facing up to some very concerning gameplay issues in a series we’d rather forget (triple buff loss)0:45:40 - How much time is enough time to make roster decisions? Do we have enough for Ryoma? For Poome?0:57:57 - How different would fan reaction be if we eked out a win over EG? Why would that have felt so much better?1:02:39 - Listener takes1:07:42 - Wrapping 2020 and looking ahead to a long offseason

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