100T LCS Finishes 7th - 100 Thieves 2020 LCS Summer Split Week 9 Recap


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100T submits perhaps the most 100T weekend of League of Legends ever, by losing a must-win in a heartbreaking way and then going on to absolutely stomp in an inconsequential match the next day. It’s official - we’re a 7th place team and will be battling through playoffs from the losers’ bracket (with our dear friends Dignitas). Cole and Jordan have a meeting of the dads and complete the 100T picture as we prepare for whatever our crew has in store for us in the postseason. Whatever happens, you can bet we’ll come out of it perplexed!

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TIMESTAMPS:0:00:00 - Intro0:04:19 - 100T vs DIG: A most demoralizing loss0:06:52 - Ssumday plays Ornn and we all feel sad0:14:58 - Not making much of the biggest buff of all0:22:56 - Did we get out macroed or just macroed?0:23:44 - Just how bad was Ryoma’s Zoe, actually (when you correct for Reddit vision)?0:32:56 - Poome’s Bard - it’s not BAD it’s just not as GOOD as his other champs and doesn’t seem to fit our ideal playstyle0:37:02 - 100T vs EG: A most encouraging win0:42:22 - A pattern emerges: games we usually stomp when drafting certain champions0:49:08 - How well are we drafting to the strengths of our individual players? + Jordan’s rant on “what team are we?”0:54:03 - Zikz: how are we feeling about him and is his job on the line?1:02:58 - Reading and reacting to Reddit gold - a post which puts 2020 into perspective1:08:39 - Playoff predictions and a look at the bracket

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