100TALK - 100 Thieves Becomes Golden Thieves - LCS Free Agency Opens


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Roster leaks have hit the interwebs and it appears 100 Thieves is grabbing 4/5 pieces from Golden Guardians. While some of that is great (poggers, for you zoomers), some of it doesn't feel that great (monkaS for you zoomers). Either way, things feel a little...different...this year. Cole and Jordan gather the 100Kids around to have a family council and decide how we feel about it.

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0:00:00 - Intro - we are the Golden Guardians now

0:04:34 - Ssumday: still our franchise player. Will we actually play around him this time?

0:08:01 - Closer: an unexpected move to lock-in an import all-star. How do you justify this move when an import mid is needed?

00:14:37 - Damonte: look this segment is really long but it’s what you came to watch, so watch the whole thing.

00:47:08 - FBI: making a big bet on what seems likely to be top domestic ADC talent for the foreseeable future.

00:53:09 - Huhi: the redemption arc is complete and Huhi returns; what does this mean for Poome?

01:02:30 - Trust The Papa: Are we still a “developmental org”? What does that mean when “win now” is clearly non-negotiable?

01:09:18 - Journo rivalries (new challenger approaching??) save 100T?

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