FAST PEEK LAST WEEK - 100T Is Certified Good(TM) at Valorant


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100T places 2nd in the First Strike Closed Qualifier and appears to be an actual Team To Reckon With. Jordan and Cole debate the statement we made as a squad and if we have rivalries developing. Friend of the show Simo comes on to play all-time quarterback, throwing bombs all over the field as he takes every question we pitch him. It's a good time to be a 100 Thieves fan!

Join us as we Fast Peek Last Week!

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0:00 - Intro

2:00 - Topic 1: What statement did the squad make this weekend?
4:37 - Topic 2: Gritty wins or are we just inconsistent?
7:13 - Topic 3: Do we have a rival?
9:54 - Topic 4: Which one of our players goes in the Valorant all-star squad
12:49 - Neural Theft w/ Simo
14:21 - Nitro plays from home
17:17 - Are teams strategically holding back?
20:03 - How does NA stack up against the world?
23:51 - Incendiary take of the week from BurntCooter - is 100T best under pressure?
29:46 - Outro

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