FAST PEEK LAST WEEK - 100T's First Strike Qualifier Performance Nets Top 8 Finish


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100T turned in a solid but not earth-shattering first performance as a roster in the First Strike open qualifier and landed in 8th place. Jordan and Cole give a roadmap for the team's progress, parse the meaning of a razor thin win over Moon Racoons (under weird circumstances) and a stinker against TSM, talk about our new hired young guns in Asuna and Dicey, plus bring in everyone's favorite VALORANT caster Simo to give some perspective on how far along 100T's team chemistry is in this short time.

Join us as we Fast Peek Last Week!

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00:00 - Intro

01:24 - Topic 1: How happy are you with a top 8 finish?

04:03 - Topic 2: A close win against Moon Raccoons

06:43 - Topic 3: A not close loss against TSM

09:31 - Topic 4: Assessing new guys Asuna and Dicey

12:45 - Neural Theft w/ Simo: VOD review of highs and lows from the open qualifier

23:26 - Crisandwich’s Incendiary Take: Unpacking 100T’s slow playstyle

28:19 - Outro

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