Fast Peek Last Week - The State of 100T Valorant - PAX Arena Recap with Simo (@simowashere)


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Your dads are back with a new show exploring #100T's VALORANT squad. This faster-paced and shorter podcast will emphasize the fan perspective over analysis, and will be a super fun time. Despite some production issues that literally appeared out of nowhere, we have an excellent time launching our first episode and are fortunate to have the already-legendary Simo ( join us for our Neural Theft segment - where we steal a smart guy's knowledge. Community involvement is also on the table for our Incendiary segment.

This week, we grapple with 100T's rocky start in this new esport and try to suss out if this roster is a long term project or a short term way for us to capture excitement around the scene, plus analyze some of Hiko's leadership style. Simo gives us the goods on the team's agent selection and lack of variation, plus questions some of the team's structure.

Join us as we Fast Peek Last Week!


0:00 - What this show is

2:05 - Hiko’s internet and its implications

5:44 - What is 100T’s objective with this roster?

8:27 - Do we feel like this team is finalized?

11:03 - Can we expect to be top 8 in the near future?


15:08 - Introduction to Simo (@simowastaken)

17:20 - If Venerated is the IGL, why is he playing these agents and opping?

19:15 - How our oppers/IGLs stack up against the others

20:30 - Agent selection: when are we going to see variation? Or Jett?

26:53 - What Incendiary is
27:31 - HoodieGod - Hiko isn’t performing as he should because he’s upset about how the 100T roster came together

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