For Dust Thou Art, And Unto Dust Shalt Thou Return - 100 Thieves Finish 5th - Spring 2020 LCS Split Recap


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In what turned out to be a coinflip series, 100T was eliminated by TSM to finish 5th place in the LCS for Spring 2020. However, the intensely close match was full of surprises: more Ssumday slippage, a Ryoma pop-off, and Cody Sun scorching. Cole and Jordan discuss salty runbacks, a new midlaner making his case for starting in NA, and the daunting task of improving a better-than-expected squad with limited options on the table.


6:30 - Game 1: Win draft lose game
16:57 - Game 2: The salty runback, Ryoma is mighty
33:43 - Game 3: Ssumday continues to struggle, awaken the Cody
44:54 - Game 4: Everyone has a bad game and TSM is near perfect
50:56 - Game 5: Bjergsen breaks our hearts, again

57:37 - Reflecting on the split. What’s the team’s narrative?

1:03:32 - Listener Takes/Questions: We saw improvement all around, minus support. Do we expect changes, and what changes do we want? What will need to change for Ssumday to stay? What’s next for Ryoma? Limits that Stunt and Ryoma champ pools place on the team.

1:23:04 - Closing thoughts on spring split

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