Giving Poome a Contractz - 100 Thieves 2020 LCS Summer Split Week 4 Recap


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Week 4 of LCS gave us our first peek at the latest iteration of the 100T roster - but is it new and IMPROVED, or just new? Jordan and Cole share how this weekend’s matches compared to their (admittedly low) expectations while pointing out some of the good and bad that the new guys contributed. Plus, the dads talk about the #TrustThePapa meter which is currently getting a nice halo effect from the surging-in-popularity-and-adoration 100X roster. It’s all here in the latest batch of 100Talking, powered by Rip It Energy Fuel!

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3:24 - Context of this weekend’s games

6:24 - 100T’s first strat: what we always wanted

10:36 - Increase in aggression with Contractz leading the way

14:42 - The ups and downs of Ryoma’s weekend

27:20 - Poome’s first game - Thresh

30:40 - Were we outdrafted against GG?

36:56 - Poome shows out on Rakan against DIG

42:43 - Contractz does better on Olaf

48:20 - Reality vs. expectations with the new guys

54:02 - Is Cody Sun slumping a bit or can we even tell?

58:08 - #TrustThePapa check-in

1:06:02 - Listener Takes Lightning Round

1:12:50 - Predictions for this week, wrap-up

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