Interview with John Robinson, 100 Thieves President & COO


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The boys sit down with 100 Thieves President & COO John Robinson to take a deeper dive into the philosophy and approach of 100T from a business perspective. John tells us about their three main focuses, how an excellent core staff led the company to exceed early expectations, what he expects to happen in the VALORANT competitive scene, and even a hot take or two about traditional sports media.Follow John Robinson: TIMESTAMPS:1:03 - John Robinson joins 100Talk3:28 - An overview of John’s role as President and COO7:07 - Acquiring the talent needed to build 100 Thieves12:35 - The three pillars of 100T - apparel, esports, and entertainment16:48 - The evolution of apparel from seed of org to another expression of the brand19:37 - Weighting the value of the three pillars23:14 - The Cash App Compound and importance of physical spaces to digital content30:50 - JBL sponsorship and what this signals about the 100T partnership strategy35:35 - Bridging esports and traditional sports - converting vs growing an audience44:25 - Expectations of VALORANT and forming a team for a game that isn’t out yet51:55 - John Robinson: Twitch Streamer58:20 - Wrap up

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