Moving On from Meteos and Stunt - 100 Thieves 2020 LCS Summer Split Week 3 Recap


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Look at us. Who would have thought? Jordan and Cole.

After tripping at the starting line to a 1-5 start, PapaSmithy steps in and replaces Meteos and Stunt with Contractz and Poome. The fanbase gets a serious PTSD flashback to 2018, but the dads are here to explain what is different about this time and what we should expect out of the latest iteration of the 100T roster.

Listen here.

1:29 - 100T vs CLG

8:19 - 100T vs TSM

16:37 - Meteos

20:43 - Who could’ve predicted this? We could’ve. And we did.

25:30 - What we KNOW - Meteos’ tweets

37:12 - What was Meteos’ intent in tweeting what he did when he did it?

41:10 - Does Meteos deserve to be benched?

53:40 - Should rosters be set by players via a democratic process?

58:05 - Is this a salty runback of 2018 or different in meaningful ways?

1:02:31 - Stunt’s tweet: a case study in how to leave an organization on good terms

1:09:31 - Expectations for the future, starting with week 4 and Contractz

1:18:23 - Same topic regarding Poome

1:24:02 - Trust the Papa

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