Promoting Poome in the Preseason, Papa's Progress, & Predictions - 2020 LCS Summer Split Preseason


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For a variety of reasons, it’s been a long and strange offseason break. Finally, LCS returns this week, and 100T kicks off the whole shebang in a match against EG this Friday night. Jordan and Cole get the family back together to talk about Poome’s promotion to 100TA from 100X and what that means for the support position’s future. They also predict where this team will land and work on setting expectations for the ongoing Trust the Papa campaign. Finally, we get to watch League of Legends again. Let’s make it a memorable split.

3:33 - Poome’s promotion, challenging Stunt, and its significance for the entire 100T League of Legends Program
19:16 - Ssumday’s extension
25:00 - 100Talk’s LCS power rankings
35:42 - Trust the Papa - how can we evaluate his work this split?
49:56 - Pessimist vs Optimist Week 1 Predictions
55:13 - Listener questions

61:48 - Does 100T have a hype deficiency? And what can we do about it?

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