Ryoma from 100 Thieves speaks on Spring 2020 LCS split, offseason plans


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Easily the most scrutinized signing in 100T's short history, Ryoma has been the subject of much conversation among 100T fans. After a rough start to his tenure in LCS, he found his footing and established himself in the league as a competent midlaner, even having pop-off carry games during playoffs. Excited by his potential, Cole and Jordan secured an interview with the rookie to hear his thoughts on himself, the pressure cooker that is professional esports, and the future of 100T.

TIMESTAMPS: 1:35 - How did you deal with the pressure of being a 100T signing and unlock your potential over the course of the split? 4:24 - What was your expectation coming into the split, both of yourself and of your team? 9:25 - What do you feel fans don’t understand about you, 100T, or League in general that you wish you could correct? 11:33 - How much of a difference does online vs stage make? 14:33 - How has it felt playing for 100 Thieves and how does it differ from other teams you’ve played on? 18:01 - How do you and the other OCE imports view NA now that you’ve been here a split? 21:17 - What champs are you hoping you get to bring out in Summer that we didn’t see in Spring? 23:41 - Who was the hardest person to lane against in NA? 26:18 - How do you think about your very high damage to gold/xp ratio? 28:42 - Do you feel like you have fans on your side more at the end of the split? 30:19 - Do you feel like some of the weight of expectation is off after spring? 33:25 - Anything you want to say to the fans?

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