The 100T LCS Experiment Nears Its End - 100 Thieves 2020 LCS Summer Split Week 8 Recap


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As we collect more data on the latest 100T LCS roster, it's becoming clear that making Worlds may just be out of reach. Cole and Jordan talk about which parts of the roster are working and why it seems that we've already been pegged to a single playstyle despite the shakeup. 100T fans are getting frustrated with inconsistency, and decision time is looming. How will Papa proceed?

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00:00 - Intro

00:06:02 - 100T vs FLY

00:09:50 - Santorin is mean, targeting Poome

00:12:17 - Ryoma gets it done in lane butttt… nowhere else? Ryoma ceiling discussion.

00:22:27 - Playing without a plan - looking totally uncoordinated

00:25:44 - Poome’s second bad game. How worried are we?

00:32:18 - 100T vs IMT

00:34:04 - Poome’s next great game. Marveling at his TK mechanics.

00:38:38 - Ssumday smothers toplane because he prefers to, not because it’s the plan.

00:43:37 - Performance roundup against a very academy-esque IMT.

00:49:25 - Not phoning it in: A clean and decisive win that reminds us of what’s possible.

00:51:22 - General topics starting with: domestic mids and how Ryoma compares

00:58:22 - Let’s talk about playoffs (format refresher, foldy sheet scenarios, what we’re hoping for)

1:05:34 - Week 9 predictions (ANOTHER UNANIMOUS 2-0 IS IT POSSIBLE??)

1:07:46 - Listener Takes Lightning Round

1:19:29 - Revisiting predictions and wrap-up.

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