The Best Game 100T Ever Played - 100 Thieves 2020 LCS Summer Split Week 5 Recap


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This past weekend, 100T pulled off the most convincing and dominating win in the franchise’s history over the towering titans of C9. The dads enjoy the moment by celebrating what we did well and what the new-found ceiling of this team could mean for the long run - Worlds is no longer out of the picture. Also, one Samichh makes good on his 100 gifted subs bet and more sub gifting goes down - it’s one heck of a night for 100Kids.

Listen here.

5:49 - 100T vs FLY - Ssumday carries, Ryoma hits and misses, an imperfect game but a dub all the same

20:16 -100T vs C9 - limit testing, draft masterclass

35:29 - Contractz: Out Blabering Blaber

41:59 - Poome: We’re all Poomers now

46:08 - Cody: Not primary carry but that’s okay

48:44 - What does a win like this mean?

54:54 - Revisiting power rankings in a league in flux

1:01:34 - Listener Takes Lightning Round

1:14:00 - Week 5 predictions - Do we 2-0 the 2nd and 3rd place teams??

1:19:31 - There’s also an apparel drop this weekend we’re winning on all fronts we share our thoughts on the pieces and the quality

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