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Explore the jungle! Jungle Deep is the podcast for people who love tropical plants, exotic animals, enchanted places, island music and Tiki culture. People who share their experiences of the jungle. People who care to help preserve the tropical rain forests and people who dare to celebrate their feeling of a deep connection to nature.
Jungle Deep is for you!
I am not that now-famous Dr. Jones of the movies. No, that's not me. You see, Indie is my brother. And just as Indiana so much appreciates the treasures of history known as "antiquities", I have always appreciated the treasures of a different kind, the treasures of nature...treasures of the jungle. We are on safari. Sorry, there is no going back- you are already a part of it. As are: tropical plants and exotic animals, exotica music and jungle movies, tropical cocktails and exotic foods, rain forest preservation and wildlife conservation. And so, I am here with you, to have fun, and to "explore the jungle.

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