My Tongue Is the Pen of a Ready Writer:


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This is Aron Brackeen's audio/podcast version of his book, My Tongue Is the Pen of a Ready Writer: Adding Color to a World of Gray. It may be viewed at and is available to those interested in the immutable, imminent, transcendent, sovereign, holy, just, righteous, and lovingly majestic Ancient of Days- the Eternal LORD (YHVH) of the universe, and his divine purpose in messiah Yeshua (called Jesus) for this planet and those of us on it. Contact Aron Brackeen using,, and Contents: 1) Introductory Statements: The Purpose, Desire and Hope 2) The Call to Logic: A Guide for Scientific Reasoning 3) The Almighty: Approach God in Awe 4) His Majesty: The God of Wonder 5) The Rule of Law: God’s Requirements for Righteousness 6) Establishing Evidence: A Matter of Witnesses 7) Righteousness: The Law Requires Perfection 8) Sin: Treason against the Almighty 9) True Nature: Our Inability as Sinners to Keep God’s Law 10) Criminal Condemnation: A Matter of the Heart 11) Rabbi Jesus: The Old Testament Expert 12) New Birth: The Necessary and Required Transformation 13) Jesus Christ: The Lamb of God Is the Answer 14) Real Righteousness: The Father Justifies by Faith in Christ 15) The Atonement: Without It All Religion Is Worthless 16) Spiritual Status: God’s View of a Believer in Christ 17) King Jesus: The Inner Kingdom of God 18) Good News: The Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Humble Heart 19) The Resurrection of Christ: Necessarily Required 20) Authentic Preachers: John the Baptist and Lord Jesus 21) Repentance: Without It All Will Perish 22) Restoration & Reconciliation: Expressions of True Repentance 23) Belief: Genuine Faith Expressed 24) Comfortable Salvation: Jesus Our Rest 25) Conversions: Various People Small and Great- Part I 26) A Fingerprint of Words: Written with the Finger of God 27) Conversions: Various People Small and Great- Part II 28) Witnesses: Lifestyles of the Saved and Serious 29) Footsteps: The New Life in Jesus 30) Troubling Times: What the Future Holds For True Christians 31) Two Temples: One Will Far Out Weigh All Trials on Earth 32) Holy Land Hotbed: The Controversy over Israel and the Jews 33) Get Ready: A Summary of Scriptures Concerning the Future 34) Sabbath Day or the First Day: Remember to Keep It Holy 35) Ordinances or Commandments: That Which Remains 36) Get Ready: A Summary of Scriptures (cont.) 37) Until Then: Be Confident in Jesus Christ the Lord 38) Prayer: Practice Makes Perfect 39) Make Contact: Reach Out for Assistance

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