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Navigational consultant/Astrologer, author. Jim's expertise includes: Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Mah Jongg, Druid animal totems, Rune Stones, Angel cards and Lakota Indian teachings. He teaches workshops on developing one's intuitive abilities for practical use in everyday life. In personal one-on-one sessions his expertise in using the wisdom of Oracles, helps his clients to empower themselves by releasing fear and recognizing the choices and influences that contribute to the creation of their personal realities. His counseling and life work is grounded, perceptive, direct, and often humorous. His instruction is practical, with a down-to-earth style as he demonstrates how; anyone can add enlightenment, and flow into their life path. Jim has twenty seventeen years experience as a spiritual counselor. He is currently the author of an every other month column called Snake Oil at His first book Dirty Little Secrets is available on Audio DVD and in print and Snake Oil Volume One was be published in 2012. His YouTube channel (J Ventura Snake Oil) hosts monthly videos. He can be seen often on the ABC show the ListTV. Jim can be reached at for information on private Oracle sessions available for in person readings or phone sessions.

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