What I learned on Gilchrist Drive


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What I Learned on Gilchrist Drive with John & Chris is a slice of life show or Life-Cast with nostalgic stories and hilarious talk. We also provide content on wellness, life hacks, food and current events with razor sharp sarcasm. Social commentary with razor sharp sarcasm. This is your go to podcast. The brand new, What I learned on Gilchrist Drive. Your hosts, John & Chris are failed radio talents and underachieving slackers who reside in a domicile that is not completely their own. Living on the fringe of society, John & Chris have returned to their ancestral lands on Gilchrist Drive. Searching for their past, their lost youth and a reason to push forward. These once golden boys, now over educated burnouts, begin to scratch the surface in a quest for answers and a shot at redemption. "because, behind every GenX slacker is a high school star quarterback searching for glory and ready to bang cheerleaders.

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