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When Maxx Drums goes on his international “Rebel Tour” in 2014, which will create furor in the whole Music world, then it is not one singer or guitarist who is in the focus. No, it is going to be a drummer and a DJ, who will steal everybody’s show. Not just any DJ- but Maxx Drums. An extremely awesome guy behind the drum set and turntables. A musician who can use his instruments in a way unseen before.So virtuoso, so innovative, so rousing. His appearances are like a legal drug that makes you forget about your normal day. It only needs one second, only the music, only the atmosphere. It is only about sex, drums and Rock’n’roll- the slogan of Maxx Drums. Regularly, thousands of fans cheer at his concerts.In 2014, Maxx Drums is also bringing out a new clothing line, named “Rebel". It mixes rock star attributes with urban chic and a good shot of rebellion. Sex, drums & Rock’n’roll to wear. But that’s only part of Maxx Drums. Maxx Drums is mainly about innovative music containing exiting drum & Dj shows. From Gibson Club in Frankfurt, over the House-Olymp named Amnesia in Ibiza, through to the In-locations of Dubai- MaxXDrums has played in all of them, with all his fans. Maxx Drums played with stars such as Hardwell, Tom Novy, Stefan Dabruck, Markus Gardeweg and Mikael Wermets. Entertaining the crowd with his cool mix of drum techniques, impressive electro and house beats and amazing show effects - Maxx Drums doesn’t even hesitate to perform in public spaces.

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