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Mondays with Marot works by connecting listeners with great ideas. Each week, I seek out the most thought-provoking articles and stories that touch on the important issues in our time. I summarize those stories, providing a link to the original, and give my take on where we’re heading before sending it off in my Sunday evening newsletter. The next day, we discuss the issues live on Mondays with Marot. Through guests, personal reflection, and listener contributions, we contemplate where our world is going and consider how to take action. Oh – and we listen to great music while we’re doing it. Mondays with Marot’s listeners are thoughtful people. You seek exposure to new and interesting viewpoints as well as reflection on the news of the day. This show promotes a thoughtful discussion combined with an analytic and reflective way of thinking to touch on timeless topics and emerging trends. Mondays with Marot provides the filter – cutting through the stream – to create room for important dialogue. Mondays with Marot values community, contemplation and commentary. Communities are about shared values and we develop shared values through dialogue and action. On Mondays with Marot, we contemplate how we fit – as 21st century Americans – in the world around us and in the grand sweep of history. Our commentaries and conclusions are meant to spur action to make our world a better place.

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