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Dilbert. Garfield. Family Circus. What classic comic strip from the Sunday Funnies section of your local newspaper are among the Top 10 Most Popular Comic Strips of All Time? Brandon takes us back to your childhood to revisit those old comic strips you forgot you knew all about; Nick tries to guess the Top 10, ranked by popular vote in a survey among thousands of people.

- are comics chosen for the Sunday Funnies?, the multi-billion dollar comic strip industry, newspaper comics in 2020, comic strip merchandise, comic spin-off's, camp swampy, Garfield telephones, dying at the drawing board, comics that lasted for more than 50 years, hidden messages behind your favorite comic strips, Brandon's #HotTakes on a particular comic icon, crawling through "hot, fresh garbage", controversial comic strip creators, Nick & Brandon's favorite comic strips, and MUCH more!


NEW BONUS EPISODE: The Life & Times of Dr. Phil. Nick & Brandon take a deep-dive into Dr. Phil's shady past. This one is full of #HotTakes and #FunFacts. Listen to this and all past + future bonus episodes at


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