Jim Carrey: Highest-Grossing Films | Episode 96


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When you hear the name "Jim Carrey," what iconic movies come to mind first? DUMB & DUMBER? ACE VENTURA? ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND? THE NUMBER 23? ...okay, maybe not that last one. In this episode, Nick quizzes Brandon on the list of the TOP 10 HIGHEST-GROSSING FILMS STARRING JIM CARREY.


PLUS...#FunFacts and #HotTakes on Jim Carrey and his films, what movie solidified Carrey as a top leading man in Hollywood?, which big name actor told Carrey he hated him during production, the best parts of the best Jim Carrey movies, pre-2000s Carrey vs. post-2000s Carrey, Satan Almighty, which Jim Carrey films were banned in other countries?, Carrey's decline in popularity and success, dyed yak hair, Carrey's failed drama roles, critical reviews of Carrey's biggest films, which movies was Carrey a pain in the ass to work with, is George Clooney still a hunk, bad sequels, Dr. Seuss, which film was accused of portraying "traditional gender roles", Nick talks about ball-shaving, and MUCH more.


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