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Home of Mindocracy Recordings bringing you all sub genre's of harder and darker Drum and Bass,Crossbreed and anything in between, physical and digital imprint. Feel free to contact us any time Mindocracyrecordings@hotmail.com Mindocracy Roster Founded 2007 Gancher & Ruin Freqax Ogonek BSA Sinister Souls Dread Hardlogik Triamer & Nagato Krieg eRRe Peter Kurten Forbidden Machines Im Colapsed Antichristus Indian Junglist Saintone Syrinx Drainbamage Empire X Experimental Chemistry Shenkster Triple Sickz Shyzo Esiona Mindgrinders Fortitude Core Corp AfterAphex Avalanche JODOKAZT iDOLEAST enduser Triamer Eiton Maza Turtl3 Smasher Evilteck Surya OZ1 Subject Exit Ride Acid Rain Dr1l Killa foe YZ-1 Kryteria Razorlazers Ruthless Dextems Ruin Wavecut Storno The Mind AF Injared Sintech Sta11ker C.V.I. Leks Kmal Skimask Leepshec SFS MFS Sudden Conflict Diverge Proton Kid G.N.A. Killswitch Hostage Brainpain D.T.A. Korrupted State Vtech Destructo Googah Suicide Paranoiac Del OTM Katwon n.F. Toxed DJ taran Volodya Mental Ignoizer Deadsound Direct Josephe Thorne Noistek Mindkilla Soundwall Rbkiborg TRN18 Caduber Echoblast HIF & Grindbox Matricide

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