Intel: Intelligent Compute


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Internet traffic is exploding. The challenge for service providers is how to efficiently scale the network and services to deliver great video and mobile experiences in a competitive world. A flexible, scalable approach is to deploy network components based on Intel Architecture at the network and service edge. Building an edge infrastructure based on IA enables you to simplify the infrastructure, reduce network complexity, and simplify management through common tools, applications software, and platform consistency. A single Intel architecture also introduces flexibility to handle changing server, storage, or networking as needed. Services can even be live-migrated from node to node without service interruption in reaction to real time changes in demand. A single architecture approach supports reduced OpEx and CapEx. Deploying Intel processor-based edge solutions can also improve customer quality experience, while creating potential for new revenue models. Imagine, delivering the highest demand video content seamlessly from the edge, closer to the consumers. This can reduce latency and jitter, improving the viewing experience for subscribers, thus opening new opportunities for differentiated managed services to generate new revenue streams.

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