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Nunzio Ciccone Bros.Claudio Ciccone,Alessia Ciccone are "The Ciccone Bros." Artistically born in 1992 in "Scampia Naples" with the name of Flowers Of Evil ( FDM ) . Baptized artistically by Rita Pavone and Teddy Reno in July 1992 , becoming one of the winners of the United Rock for Europe ( URE ) Ariccia selection of National Artists Rock Band in conjunction with the " Festa Degli Sconosciuti " interviewed on Radio 1 Rai of Dodi Moscati ( Ciao 2001 / Qui Giovani ) . " Flowers " FDM ( Flowers of Evil ) & Nunzio Ciccone Bros. winning the selections stages of the competition taking place at the new indoor stadium ' ' Palariccia ' ' . Performing in the central square of Ariccia for the final round of the best 10 bands . Amongst one of the 10 winners will be chosen on the National Radio frequencies RADIO1RAI guests of Dodi Moscati "In Diretta Da..." Appearing as Special Guests at the Marechiaro Blues in 1995 as part of the emerging bands supporting the Eduardo Bennato gig. Gianni Simioli Art Director of Radio Kiss Kiss will broadcast the first Neapolitan Cd of the band on National Frequencies of Radio Kiss Kiss Italia.In 1996, they actively work on the project of the city of Naples for the new Renaissance of the Neapolitan suburban areas collaborate with a writer call Peppe Lanzetta . Playing as an opening act at the gig of Francesco Baccini . Will play at the First International Tattoo Convention in Pietrarsa Portici Naples guest together with Pietra Montecorvino and Eugenio Bennato . Special Guests in Milan in 1997 of a young promising Victoria Cabello in the TV show " HIT ! HIT ! " . Opening act in Brescia for 99 Posse . Special Guests at the National Party in Reggio Emilia at Tunnel with Marco Ligabue . In 1998 they moved to Milan and change the name of the band in FlowerPeace . Will be special guests of Red Ronnie in 1999 before the Night Wave Rimini"Help Palco Tim " then in Bologna at the Roxy Bar together with Timoria . In 2000 leave Italy to London where they will remain until 2012 . In February 2014 Alessia Ciccone & Ciccone Bros. return to their city , Naples and release a song called I Racconti di Ale part of compilation Cafe ' do ' friarielli Vol.2 of Gianni Simioli Speaker Blogger and Talent Scout . Before the reunion of the Spandau Ballet , the band will act as Special Guests at the only two Italian dates Steve Norman will play . Their song I Racconti di Ale will be played by the PapaDeejay at the Buddha Bar broadcast on Radio Montecarlo.

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