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What’s up! I’m Sheri Matthews and I’m super pumped you’re here. ADDICTION, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, LOSS, GUILT, FEAR, CANCER – Any of those words resonate? YEP! I get ya! Well I hope this podcast can shine a little light in your life. Rule #1 is we can’t be to damn hard on ourselves. Life is fucking crazy enough without us making it even crazier. Rule #2 is you got to live life one day at a time. Might sound a little cliche, but it’s the truth. Be present, show up present, stay present. We only have to today and that’s the God awful truth. Rule #3 is fuck the rules! LOL! I’m kidding, BUT I don’t live my life by rules as much as I do intention. A little about me so ya know… I’m the founder of Live Free with Sheri & the Live Free in Recovery™ blog/podcast. I’m a lover of life, mom to two pet rats and three crazy chihuahuas (larger version of rats LOL!!). I have a twisted sense of humor, maybe not always appropriate, but you can’t win them all and I love to laugh. I also love to cook and I’m a wanna be vegan chef. I’m an E-RYT 500 hour Yoga Teacher, a certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, a certified Y12SR Yoga Teacher, a cancer survivor and a recovery warrior. Living life to the fullest and living and feeling free is my passion and purpose that I’m here to share. I don’t believe anything is one size fits all. I think we need to try any and everything that feels good and fuels our heart and soul. Teaching and sharing yoga, meditation, mindfulness, wellness, recovery tools and a healthy lifestyle is my calling. Helping people find relief from chronic pain, addiction, PTSD, trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression is a blessing and I NEVER take that for granted. I thrive on finding a sense of balance through laughter and humor even when we’re moving through our darkest times. Each episode is designed to give you tips and tools, as well as wisdom and love to inspire you and help you create radical change in your life. Tune in for motivational guests, a dose of inspiration and a whole lot of love so you can become your own sober rock star. One more thing… Please share the episodes that resonate with you up and leave a review. Much gratitude and love! I hope you stick around! Live Free. Love Life. Namaste.

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