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Jet, Jes, Kim and Sabs are four friends living in New York City. They text in a group chat daily, to discuss everything from the personal to profound. This is the space where they invite you into their world. Four Colored Girls Podcast examines trending topics, explores black women and women of color in the world, challenges the status quo, celebrates self-care and uses humor and conversation as it's vehicle. They feature a guest every episode. Meet the Girls... Jet - NY Native, Hustler, Creative and Serial Entrepreneur; Jes - DMV Born and Bred, Stoner, Writer & Habitual Line Stepper; Kim - NC Southern Hippie, Comedian and Bad Ass Feminist Actor; Sabs - Also DMV Born, She's a scientist, doctor and ALL about inclusion in STEM. Kim & Jet are the producers of Four Colored Girls Podcast. Jes & Jet are also Co-host of the online talkshow, Nobodies of Note (2012-2015).

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