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We explore Angels, Fairies, Fairy Realms, Angelic Realms, Angel Numbers, Angelic Mediumship, Tarot, Spirituality, The Law of Attraction. We also touch on everything metaphysical, spiritual and mystical! Plus we offer FREE Angel Messages & Readings! ... International Angels Network offers professional services for Angel Workers, Spiritual Entrepreneurship offering tips and tricks and much MORE! DISCLAIMER: International Angels Network, its hosts, employees, advertisers, and affiliates, are not responsible for actions taken by listeners before, during, after or as result of listening to broadcasts. All content is strictly for entertainment, educational, or advertising purposes and should not be used to make life decisions or as a substitute for medical, psychiatric, or legal advice or care. The opinions of hosts and advertisers are not necessarily the opinions or stance of the station. Listeners agree, by hearing or reading this disclaimer to listen at their own risk, be 18 years of age, or have the permission to listen, and or call in, from a legal guardian, and hold International Angels Network faultless from any and all repercussions, of listening or participating in broadcasts. Energy Healing Work is not intended to replace standard medical diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of diseases. It is not suggested that you stop taking any medication or treatment without express permission from your medical doctor. These methods are not intended as a replacement of traditional forms of medical care provided by your physician. Energy Healing should be used in addition to medical treatment.

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