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Full transparency, all I want to do is help change the world for the better. The goal is to enlighten and empower people through casual conversations with inspiring human beings. Asking questions not typically broached. Honest testimony. Discussing topics that resonate and push the culture forward and, hopefully, closer together. Sharing the stories of others and hopefully helping people realize that the struggles they face are not unique to them. Extracting the nuance out of these stories to identify actionable steps that can be taken toward progress and self-actualization. Far too often we only celebrate the successes and the results of a person's hard work but we seldom highlight the grind, the work ethic, and the sacrifices they made to get there. A major part of the show is vulnerability. Yes, it will be lighthearted. Yes, there will be a lot of laughing. I just hope people walk away with a different perspective as well. Something they can take with them on the journey to becoming their best selves. Hosted by Anthony McClain

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