31. Furloughs explained by a former ALPA Furlough Rep


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Dylan and Max discuss the big displacement bid announced by United Airlines over the weekend then sort through the mailbag. Carl Valeri, airline pilot, career coach, and podcast host, joins us to cover furloughs in depth [13:30]. Carl shares advice and insight on how to financially plan for a furlough, how long to expect a furlough to last, and what the best use of your time is while furloughed. Carl shares a funny story about a flying pig and gives us an update on Sun ‘n’ Fun. Then, Rob Alston from Harvey Watt Insurance calls in to discuss how leaves of absence, furloughs, and layoffs can affect pilot insurance coverage [1:11:52].

Carl Valeri is the host of the Aviation Careers Podcast and the Stuck Mic AvCast

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