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WCIA is a show that was originally envisioned as exploring the stereotypical weird of Australia - the yowie sightings, the aliens, the weird lights that zoom off over the horizon if you try and chase them. But since we’ve started working on this series, we’ve come to realise that Australia is just about the strangest place on earth, and not because of the Big Cats living out near Toowoomba.
Did you know a full firefight between MPs and soldiers took place in Central Station (Sydney) in February 1916, and you can still find the bullet holes in the pillars?
Did you know that one of Australia’s convict ships was waylaid by Americans during the aftermath of the American Revolution in 1815?
Did you know we have a dinosaur called Qantassaurus, and that most Australian fossil expeditions of the 1970s and 1980s were sponsored by corporations, rather than the government?
Did you know that the majority of the miners that took part in the Eureka Stockade of 1854 were Chinese, African-American, or from other ‘minority’ groups? And that the Victorian Gold Rush is where Australia learned to love Chinese food?
There’s a lot of history when it comes to this country - even just in the last 200 years - and very little of it is taught in our school systems. We feel that, in order to preserve the past, we have to get it out there into the minds of the present, and hopefully apply those lessons to the future. If you agree, we'd love you to join us.
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