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Welcome to the Hacking Happy podcast. My name is Penny Locaso and I’m the world’s first Happiness Hacker. I’m on a bold mission to teach 10 million humans how to intentionally adapt in order to future proof happiness by 2025. I truly believe the world is suffering from Happiness Poverty and I’m making no apologies in searching for the solution. In 2014 I turned my life completely upside down in pursuit of happiness. I have now spent the past six years as an entrepreneur with a deep-seated passion for learning how I can hack my own happiness and help others do the same. The Hacking Happy Podcast is designed to support you in uncovering what happiness looks like for you and how you can hack your way to happier every day. I do this by sharing my own journey in all its rawness, the experiments I undertake, the science behind happiness, the conversations I have with experts, and most importantly practical hacks. So if you’re ready to cultivate your own unique happiness practice and inject more joy into every day let’s get started!

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