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If you’re looking for more freedom, empowerment and reconnection in your life, this podcast is for you! Covering topics of mindfulness, self-development, meditation, yoga, holistic health, natural lifestyle and unconventional, freer ways of living portrayed in my Freedom Lifestyle Series. Based on my own life experience, I want this podcast to show alternative ideas that help us re-empower ourselves – through the reconnection with our true selves and with nature, through more freedom in our outer lives and our inner worlds, through new perspectives on and new perceptions of life. In solo shows and conversations with my guests, I provide you with inspiring real life stories, embodied wisdom, empowerment practices as well hands-on tips and tools. Expect a base vibration of freedom & groundedness, of slowing-down & tuning in, of questioning things, of a simpler & more natural life. Enjoy! Kat

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