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The Internet Archive contains over 100,000 archived episodes of podcasts on every topic. Podcast Roulette brings these archives to life with a random episode of a different English-language podcast every day. It's a good way to discover new podcasts or sample a different lifestyle. I've taken reasonable steps to filter out spam and podcasts that are morally horrible, but I can't make any guarantees about what you'll see in the feed or hear in the podcasts. If you're the creator of a podcast and you're surprised to learn that your podcast has been archived on the Internet Archive, you can get it taken down; see the archive's Copyright Policy at https://archive.org/about/terms.php. If you're the creator of a podcast and you just don't want Podcast Roulette to link to an episode of your podcast, contact me at leonardr@segfault.org and I'll take care of it.

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