The Undercovers


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They are Federal Law Enforcement’s greatest allies in the war on drugs, terrorism, organized gangs, and arms dealing. Their life and work includes some of the most unbelievable, adventurous, shockingly, violent, and harrowing stories imaginable. They are The Undercovers, a new podcast thriller hosted by Ed O’Neill (Modern Family).
Season 1 tells the remarkable story of DEA agent Edward Follis, the primary undercover agent for the operation that took down Taliban/Al-Qaeda financial patron and global drug trafficking kingpin Haji Juma Khan, a confederate of Osama Bin Laden. From the streets of LA to the jungles of Thailand, from the ruthless drug wars at the U.S./Mexican border to the perilous no-man’s lands of Afghanistan, Follis was at the front lines of the battles against narco-terrorism and organized crime.
Written by Mark Ramsey and Edward Follis. Produced by P.G. Cuschieri and Mark Ramsey Media. Executive Produced by Christopher Lloyd (Modern Family), Paul Anderson and Nick Panella (Workhouse Media), and Shane Powers. Sound design by Jeff Schmidt. Music consulting composer Christine Wu. The Undercovers is a Global original podcast.

10 episodes