The Better Living Blueprint Podcast with Eric Connor, LCPC


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The Better Living Blueprint is a podcast created specifically to help you make this day a little bit better. Not quite therapy, but deeper than general self-help, BLB is committed to bringing you research, insights and actionable steps to transform you from the inside out. Specifically, we will look at what holds us back from being fully alive and fulfilled in our work, relationships and future aspirations. Unlike other podcasts that may focus on “what” we need to learn, the goal of BLB is to focus on the “why” and how to “be” in our life. We all want to feel alive and in pursuit of a life that is significant and meaningful. Usually what is stopping us is not more content but deeper seated beliefs, hang ups and mental blocks that sabotage us from self-actualizing. BLB will help you to uncover and then take action on all of these. Topics could range from understanding shame, the bondage of people pleasing, why we doubt ourselves and how our past childhood can significantly influence our present. We will also interview those in the field of therapy and self-actualization to learn about what best practices are available.

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