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Welcome to Kentucky...The birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and built on the longest cave system in the known world. The home of Daniel Boone, Hunter S. Thompson, horse racing, and Bourbon. But when the hour grows late, the bluegrass state becomes the breeding ground for realms beyond those familiar to the human race. In the the east, ghosts, spirits, and ethereal entities, roam the hills and hollers. To the west, small green creatures stalk farm houses, and disappear without a trace when shot. In the north, Mothman beats his wings along the banks of the Ohio river. While in the South, the energy of the Bell Witch is palpable just over the border. Journey with us as we investigate just what goes bump in the Bluegrass night, and ask the question, how many coincidences are too many? There’s no need to check the clock... Time is an illusion... and it’s Midnight in Kentucky!

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