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What makes Las Vegas the Entertainment Capital of the World? Would it be the Casinos? Maybe gambling? Could it be the best Nightlife & Dayclub atmospheres on the planet? How about those top-notch VIP Services? Well, here's a thought, what would Las Vegas be without those people who dedicate their lives to growing the city into the iconic Sin City?

Jake Gallen is a born and raised Las Vegas local who is building a platform that connects all of those hidden and undiscovered talents that may be on OR off The Strip. The Guest List is a show that features Founders, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Creators, Educators, Entertainers, Models, Activists, and all around world-class performers who are tied to Sin City by birth, blood, or business.

These are the life stories of success, triumph, & betrayal that you won't hear anywhere else, only on The Guest List.

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