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For latest Catholic News, please visit us at ************** Change Log: [2021-04-11 Fixed typos and Saint of Day link] [2021-04-08 - Fixed timezone error catching; fixed saint of the day error, added alternative saint of the day link (Franciscan media). ] [9-16-20 - Fixed Dead MP3 Links Broken By USCCB Website Rewrite, Prior Episodes Restarted as of 9-16-20 ] [8-12-20 - Added prior episodes per listener request] ******* This podcast contains today's mass readings from the US Catholic Conference of Bishops. The official USCCB podcast feed contains many future podcasts which requires you to scroll through a month's worth of podcasts to today's reading only. This feed only downloads the podcast of the day so today's reading will appear on top of the list. The script is based on the user's timezone so it will work globally. Please note that the USCCB podcasts are downloaded directly from the USCCB website - this feed's only purpose is ease of use and better organization in your podcast player while minimizing bandwidth by downloading only one podcast at a time. As a bonus, the show notes display the full bio of the Saint of the Day from CNA and provides a link to the full text of the readings. If you get the wrong day's podcast you can unsubscribe from this podcast and subscribe to one of the following based on whether you are the same day, or one day ahead or one day behind the timezone of the podcast server (based in United States): Next Day : Same Day : Previous Day: Regular Autodetect Feed: All readings are produced by the USCCB and are from the Catholic Lectionary, based on the New American Bible and approved for use in the United States.

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