Force of Nature


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Clover Hogan has been on the planet 22 years, and spent the past 11 working to save it. She believes it’s possible. She also believes that the threat even greater than climate change is how powerless we feel to stop it. In Season 2, Clover dives into 12 parts of the climate crisis, through the lens of our mental health: from the food we eat, to our relationship with media, and our addiction to fossil fuels. You'll hear from trailblazing activists; industry experts; as well as our resident psychotherapist, Caroline Hickman, about how to navigate these difficult feelings. Listen to this podcast if you’re anxious that the future will be a dystopian blockbuster. If you know the solution is bigger than buying another reusable coffee cup. And if you want to make a difference but don’t know where to start.This is your crash course in becoming a Force of Nature.

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