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A recipe for disaster stemming from unexpected encounters, She’s Not Doing So Well (Gay Comedy Podcast) is an irreverent yet empathetic look at everyday life through an LGBTQ+ lens. Co-hosts Bobby, Jim & The Miz (Anthony Villiotti), all of them gay, provide insightful discussions on topics ranging from Relationships and sex to gay life and mental health while incorporating edgy humor to leave their listeners begging for more. We have no rules and love to talk about things we don't know much about to be able to learn and grow. Nothing is off-limits. These hour-long episodes delve into commentary and experiences that inspire their audience to transition from surviving to thriving in the cultural challenges that we face as humans as well as some wholesome gay comedy. Guaranteed to make you (w)hole again, you know what I mean? Join us every Wednesday for a fun filled gay podcast episode! We also love our allies and encourage you to listen as we aren't just all gay topics!

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