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Chyrsalisbreak started out as a blog which I posted on Facebook. It was read by a few hundred people. They told me. You need to release this, in your own voice. So I am.Chrysalisbreak was written because it needed to be. After years of disordered eating where I swung from anorexia to bulimia and all the obsessive states in between, I decided I needed to simply tell the truth about all of it. I was no longer in the extremes of these disorders, but was sinking somewhere in the middle. Where I looked fine on the outside but suffered constantly from what my 'head' said. I was compartmentalized. I thought there were good parts and bad parts of myself. I believed my 'eating disorder' was somehow separate from me. I named her Lydia and I was trying to write her out of my life. I did end up writing things out of my life, however she was not one of them.

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