Season 2, Ep 20 - Cath Wallis on Finding What Inspires You


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My guest today is Cath Wallis (@Cath.Wallis) - Cath is a 43 year-old, mother of 3 who is, in her own words, a plus-size adventurer living life big in the body she has! After she was promoted at work she was asked to fill out some fun facts about herself and realised she had been so focused on her career and kids, her life had become a little boring. In that moment she committed to making some changes! So she did what any normal person would do and signed up for a 100k race! This discussion with Cath is really inspirational - she’s down to earth, very humble and a true leader; showing us all that what the scales say has no bearing on our ability to live a happy, fulfilled and adventurous life.

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