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Girl Interrupter is a comedy podcast that launched its first episode in August 2020. Since its premier, the show has been featured on Apple Podcast's Top 250 (in Comedy and/or Comedy Interviews) in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Norway, Panama and China! Shayna Amster (Host, Producer, Marketer, Animator, Recruiter, etc.) started the project as a creative outlet and has elevated her craft into a full-blown obsession. The Goal: to redefine podcast standards (i.e., how we interpret, produce, and consume podcast content) while simultaneously provoking uncontrollable laughter. The Other Goal: To get rich (I don't really know how). The participants on this show are (in my opinion) talkative, entertaining, and open-minded. Those are the only prequals for this gig, if you're interested, hmu. I publish weekly (Wednesday or Thursday depending on how quickly I can edit). Each episode is approximately 15 minutes short, highlighting ONLY good shit (and nothing else). All bullshit aside... literally. From there, soundbites are strategically placed into the mix. It's a lot of work so if you appreciate it, please leave a review. If you're quick-witted and receptive to dark humor, this one's for you. If you're not--sucks. If you like the content in these episodes you'll for sure want to check out my animations: Thank you for listening! Love, Shayna

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