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You probably didn't have the RICH UNCLE that thought you how to get the "GOLD" in life but through this podcast, you might just get it! I will talk about useful topics in life that can raise your life to a new level, everything related to success, building your career, creating happiness but also topics related to modern technology, marketing and self-development. I will bring on people who can talk about interesting and useful topics for everyone to improve their lives and learn something new with each podcast. Listen to this podcast because I know the value that can come from working on your goals- Podcast and people with the success mindset helped me a lot in life put the pieces together in my life and now I want to create a place where you can listen and piece everything together for yourself.I truly hope you will love this podcast and the people I will bring on and am looking forward to your feedback and wish you best of luck and loads of success in life :)

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