Ask Anita Astley, M.ED., LMFT., licensed individual, couples, and family therapist.


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Over the last 25 years Anita Astley has listened to tales of enormous pain and great pleasure and everything else that relationships stir up. Drawing on her years of psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and families, she has come to believe that establishing healthy relationships is key to living a purposeful, balanced and contentfull life. It seems most people who walk into her office bring with them a narrative of some type of relational breakdown; being it romantic, platonic, familial, peer related or other! As such her goal is to help them untangle what she refers to as the “he said, she said, they said bullsh*t” to get to the core issues! On this podcast Anita will share her expert advice as a licensed clinician, tales from the couch, and stories from her own life with the hopes of helping you build healthy relationships. Please listen in on this informative and lively discussion with new episodes every Tuesday morning. You’re guaranteed to walk away with some concrete steps to improve your relationships. And if you have any questions or comments please contact Anita @askanitaastley on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube! Enjoy!

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